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  • Senior citizens need sunshine for the great vitamin D.

Autism & Vitamin D | Suntan | Causes


Autism is coming more and more into everyone's lives today. You can talk to someone, mention autism, and they will share a story of someone that they know is on the autism spectrum. There are no set causes of it and there are no miracle pills. 


Experts say it comes from genes, others say it's from environmental toxins that we eat and drink everyday... but another link that we are coming in light of is that pregnant mothers and newborn babies are not getting enough vitamin d.


So our researchers are busy at expanding this topic to help all of us understand more. If you have any stories about autism that you would like us to include, please email me at Suntan Gal.


Please check out these other great organizations: Mitchell's Place, Autism Society of America, & Autism Speaks. If you have any questions or can donate to any of these organizations please do. National Autism Awareness Month is April... please support the need for research and for therapy every month.

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