• Daily Tips
  • Vegetable slices; use thin raw chilled slices of potato or cucumber or apple to place on affected sunburn area.



Beach SportsBeach sports –Whether you like volleyball, soccer, football or baseball, you can find balls and nets that will stand up to sun, sand and sea. There are even inflatable volleyball courts! A mitt, bat and ball, specifically made to withstand the water and sand, will make it possible for your baseball enthusiasts to practice their pitching, hitting and catching.


Frisbee – Developed by two WWII pilots in a garage in San Luis Obispo it has been a beach favorite for 61 years!!


Geyser Flying Disc, football and baseball – These fun items can be filled with water and as they are thrown water is released through holes on the sides. Cool, literally!


Hydro Catch Game – A circular paddle with a Velcro face is strapped to your hand making a catching surface. Toss a tennis ball back and forth catching it with your ‘Velcro mitt’.


Inflatable rafts – The size and variety is staggering from a ‘fishing chair’ to a multi-person raft where each person has a personal chair space, they are something to behold. A raft made of 18 gauge canvas should hold up to the demands of ocean bodysurfing and would make a nice place to take a nap at shaded rest time.


  Skim Board – Use this to skim along the edge of the wave where it kisses the shore. Skim boards are a fond memory from my teen years.


Swim masks and/or goggles - These are good for those calm clear waters with lots of creatures and sights to see.


Waterproof cards and Games – Check out plastic cards, not plastic covered paper cards, for that rest time in the shade. Fairly new to the market they can be found in the familiar Bicycle design or in a number of designs and sizes from many companies. The same games in miniature form that you may take on car trips work well for rest time at the beach.


Sand Toys for the BeachSand toys - Last but not least these have been a necessary part of a day at the beach forever! Even for the big kids the allure of playing and building with sand cannot be denied. Professional Sand Art competitions are a testament to that fact.


Don’t forget those underwater or waterproof disposable cameras that help you remember that fun day at the beach!


Before heading out, check out these additional beach resources: 


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