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  • Which sunscreen should I use?
      The people at ConsumerReportsHealth.org think they have provided some valuable insight to the long-asked question: Which sunscreen on the market really does what it says? Which one protects the best for the least amount of mon...
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  • Webinar - Wednesday, May 26: Indoor Tanning: Risks of UV Radiation
      Do you have questions about Indoor Tanning? The FDA is 1 of 2 government agencies (the other is the FTC) that regulate tanning beds.   Learn more about what the FTC says about Tanning Beds - Wednesday, May 26, at 2 p.m. ...
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  • Vitamin D Shrinks Breast Cancer Cells!
      This is in reference to the Good Morning America piece on Vitamin D destroying Cancer Cells and the doctor  interviewed by ABC news as saying - “Results Encouraging, But Don\'t Read Too Much Into Them” (Dr. Richard...
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  • Versa Spa Tanning Session - Temecula, CA
    My #1 favorite way to get a suntan has always been "the sun". I totally love the beach and go whenever I can, living in beautiful, sunny southern California. The tanning salons in town always send me coupons and I had been seein...
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  • V.I.P. Restricted Access Super Bowl Parties
      Are you one of the lucky ones going to the Super Bowl this year, in beautiful Miami? The days in Miami are ideal for laying in the sun, walking on the beach, or sunbathing by the pool, enjoying south Florida\'s usual warm weather. ...
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  • Unique Tan & Sun Angel - Birmingham, AL
          I ventured to Hoover this afternoon to meet with Michelle at Unique Tan. We met on Facebook and I noticed that she is the only tanning salon in Alabama that has a Sun Angel Tanning Bed. We spoke about the Sexy Su...
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  • Two Top Ingredients for Sun Protection
    Two of the most effective and least harmful ingredients in sun protection products are zinc oxide and titanium oxide. Though these ingredients cannot be found in sprays they are found in creams and lotions and are considered by the EWG (Environment...
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  • Travel in Style to Ski the Alps!
    The Swiss Flying Experience!   With winter at full blast in the southwest part of the United States (70 degrees all this week!), I figure it\'s a pretty good time to hop on a luxury A330-300 Airbus and fly first class over ...
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  • Topless Sunbather Reported!
      Offbeat Suntan News:    A couple weeks ago, an Italian mom with 2 teen boys reported an attractive 26 year old Italian female who was sunbathing topless at a public beach in Anzio, south of Rome. The mom reported to au...
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  • Top Beauty Products for the Beach
    Most women have certain beauty products they swear by and I am no different! Here is a quick list of my favorite sun beauty “must haves” before, during and after a trip to the beach.   1.    Bumble and Bum...
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