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  • Ultraviolet rays bounce real well off sand, concrete, water & snow onto your skin.


Lake Louise is a beautiful glacial lake located in Alberta. The lake was named after Queen Victoria’s fourth daughter, Princess Louis Caroline Alberta. It has many nicknames including “the Hiking Capital of Canada”, “the Skiing Capital of Canada” and “the Romance Capital of Canada”. The lake is 5,680 feet above sea level, so there isn’t much swimming in it since it is still very cold even in August. Lake Louise is a stunningly beautiful lake and is the color of emerald. It got the color from rock flour carried into the lake by ‘melt-water’ from the glaciers that overlook the lake. Rock flour is actually small particles of rock ground down and suspended in the water making it appear cloudy. The lake area offers many sightseeing opportunities and recreation.

Lake Louise is home to one of the finest downhill ski areas and has many hiking and walking trails. The snow skiing is suppose to have the best powder on the Continent. The scenery is spectacular not matter where you look; whether it’s the lake, mountains, glaciers or waterfalls. The village of Lake Louise is small and peaceful and has a wide range of dining variety and great accommodations.

There are all kinds of activities to do nearby besides hiking there is camping, horseback riding, ice skating, snowshoeing, tobogganing and more. In January they hold an international ice carving competition on the lakeshore and the ice sculptures are amazing. As cold as it can be in Canada, the sun is still out and shining and you can still get a great suntan.  

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-Ms. Suntan

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