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Indoor Tanning Certification

Are you one of many on this planet convinced by the positive health effects of the “sunshine” vitamin, Vitamin D? Are you an avid tanner, looking to get into the biz? Been mulling over the idea of opening up your very own tanning salon? Over 30 million or approximately 10% of Americans visit tanning salons every year, and with the industry growing and that number expected to rise, this may be the best time to start your new indoor tanning venture! Proper business planning, research and an increased awareness and education of the world of Indoor Tanning ensures a smoother start to your new business enterprise.


This is obviously the first place to start! With the exception of the FDA, the tanning industry is regulated mostly at the state and/or county level. More than 30 states in the U.S. have instituted their own rules, standards and guidelines regarding tanning salons. In most states, they expect that you and your staff be certified (with documented proof), that you are well-informed and fully educated about indoor tanning procedures.

Certification is available through National Tanning Training Institute (NTTI) with a varied selection of course offerings such as: Basic Tanning Certification, Salon Operations and Procedures, Lotions and Skincare, Intro to Sunless Tanning & Sunless Tanning Airbrush Tech. The Basic Tanning Certification Test is $105 for 1 person, but there are price breaks to purchase more than one and get your staff certified, as well. For 5 people to certify it runs $295, for 10 people, $395. The Salon Procedures course is $49.95 and the rest mentioned here range from $29.95 - $39.95. Make sure you stop by their site and fill out the form to get your “Welcome to the Industry Packet” for FREE, filled with info about the industry. They also offer a comprehensive help guide -2009/2010 Factbook (hardcopy) about the industry for only $30.00. Nearly every tanning salon in the U.S. has this onsite as a main reference guide and teaching tool.

Another choice is the American Tanning Institute (ATI). This indoor tanning training school offers 3 easy ways to comply with requirements through their certification programs. You can choose to learn online, with a correspondence program sent through the mail or you can attend one of their “live” courses offered all across the country. With almost 25,000 salon owners voting in 2007 & 2008, ATI was awarded "Favorite Training Program" by industry trade magazine, Island Sun Times. Institute Founder and President, Rick Mattoon is a pioneer in the world of indoor tanning and says, “We strive to consistently deliver comprehensive training options that offer top value and customer support. Salon owners are citing program quality and ease-of-use as the primary reasons for their overall satisfaction with American Tanning Institute." Single Tanning Certification & Sunless Tanning Certification courses start at $49.95, with full year options at $195 and Consumer Educational Videos and Training DVDs from $39.95 - $49.95. Need insider info on starting your own sunless biz? A 112-page Sunless Business Guide designed for both airbrush beginners and pros is currently on sale for $49.95. Since airbrush tanning is the absolute rage right now, available through ATI for only $795 is a complete Sunmist® Mobile System. The mobile airbrush system you need to get you on the path to a successful mobile sunless tanning business, featuring the best compressor and airbrush available today.

Listed above are a variety of moderately priced options in different venues for prospective tanning salon owners to take the first step to gain their certification and expand their overall knowledge of the indoor tanning industry. If you decide to go this route, good luck on your endeavor and remember to also check our section: Opening/Running a Tanning Salon/Spa. And as always…continue to spread the positive word on indoor sun tanning!

Have you had a great experience getting your Tanning Certification? Let us know! Write to us at: info@suntan.com

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