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Tanning Bed Creams & Lotions


Unlike sunscreen but similar to tanning oil, indoor tanning lotion is designed for use in tanning beds and booths and intensifies the effects of UV  rays, rather than blocking them. Indoor tanning lotions contain no sunscreen and offer no protection from the sun. Sun protection aside, want to know another important reason why one shouldn’t use a typical suntan lotion in a tanning bed?


Indoor tanning creams are designed to contain ingredients that will not cause damage (or build up) on acrylic surfaces. This is because all tanning beds use 100% acrylic in the protective shields. Acrylic is used because of its transparency to UV rays and modest cost to manufacturers. Some common ingredients such as mineral oil (baby oil) will damage the surface of the acrylic.


One of the most popular moisturizing ingredients in indoor tanning lotions is hempseed oil. This oil is THC-free, so it is legal in the US


and has absolutely no drug reactions or effects. Because hempseed oil is high in fatty acids, it helps to seal in moisture and keep tanning results at optimum. Emerald Bay™ Dark ‘n Dazed Tanning Lotion has hempseed oil blended with agave nectar, aloe butter, essential amino acids and vital nutrients to keep your tan looking great!


Another favorite with our Suntan.com crew would have to be the line by Devoted Creations™. They have so many different kinds to choose from that it just depends on your tanning needs and wants. Have a favorite cream that you want us to write about? Please feel free to email us at info@suntan.com.








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