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Europe Lakes | Find your next suntan in Europe


Lake Como is found thirty minutes outside Milan, Italy but the climate makes you think you are on the Mediterranean. For over 2,000 years poets and kings have sung the praises of this fantastically beautiful lake and its surroundings. In the summer the surrounding mountains have a cooling effect and in the winter the lake has a warming effect, perhaps this is one reason it is home to movie star, George Clooney. The old walled section of the town of Como has many 400 year old buildings for exploring. Drive along the western side of the lake and stop at the Tempio Voltiano where the first battery resides, the creation of Alessandro Volta. Visit the “most magical city in Italy”, Bellagio.

 Are there water activities? You and your honey will be spending a lot of time in the sun. White water rafting, kayaking, sailing, canoeing, catamarans, waterskiing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, swimming and scuba diving are all available for you. Perhaps this much activity calls for his and hers Speedos and a good waterproof sunscreen like Neutrogena® Dry-Touch Sunblock Lotion or Spray. There are many pleasant hotels all around this lake. This is an absolutely wonderful place for ‘fun in the sun’.

Lake Geneva is a dolphin-shaped lake half in Switzerland and half in France. The city of Geneva sits on the southern end and the city of Lausanne sits on the northern top in Switzerland. France has a section of the southern coast. Summer high temperatures are in the 60’s and 70’s and winter high temperatures are in the 40’s and 50’s. Water sports in Geneva are taken seriously with beaches and clubs designated for certain activities. The beaches are rocky and the water chilly so having your Tiki wetsuit would be good but the rocks are warm enough for sunbathing. Be sure to put on your Colosé Sun Protection Milk and Lip Balm. Windsurfing, wakeboarding, waterskiing, sailing and scuba diving are some of the water sport choices. The Lausanne Palace & Spa opened in June 1915 and offers 146 rooms of varying types and décor. The CBE Concept Spa and Fitness Plus are luxurious and the certified technicians will take very good care of you.

Your gastronomic desires will be well taken care of in the several restaurants and bars, including the Red Club which is all red! There are multiple places to sunbathe and an awesome indoor pool. Lausanne is the capital of the Olympics and this hotel is the residence of the President of the International Olympic Committee. If you can’t have fun in, on and around this lake you’re not trying.

Lake Fuschl is east of Salzburg, Austria and is probably best known to Americans because of the “Sound of Music”. On a headland that juts out into the lake sits Hotel Schloss Fuschl built where Fuschl Castle was built in 1450. The highs in summer reach into the 70’s while in the winter the highs are in the 40’s. There are 65 luxurious rooms, 39 suites and 6 lakeside cottages with fireplaces, private terraces and saunas. Fresh caught fish and local products may wind up on your table in one restaurant, while in the Restaurant Imperial, award winning chef Thomas M. Walkensteiner excels at Euro-Asian cuisine. There is the 9-hole GC Fuschl on the grounds and the 18-hole GC Eugendorf course is just 10 minutes away. Swim from the jetty or in the heated indoor pool and there is a beach for sunbathing. Tennis, hiking and fishing round out the summertime activities while cross country skiing is available at nearby Gaissau-Hintersee. A pair of Nordic Walker® Ultimate walking poles will probably be what you will use if you choose to try Nordic walking. Want an inside workout there is a wonderful gym available. Then pamper yourself at the Hotel Spa while enjoying the view of lovely Lake Fuschl. Whether winter or summer, snow or water; the sun can be harsh on your skin so use the appropriate sun care products.

Lake Garda is near Verona so you can fly into Verona Airport or you can come by rail or car. The summers are warm from May to September with the highs in the 70’s and 80’s with sunny mornings and sometimes afternoon thunderstorms. The beaches and clear water beckons to sunbathers, swimmers and those interested in water sports. The winters are mild and wet but the area has many cute towns and awesome mountains to explore. This lake is considered the windsurfing mecca of central Europe due to the winds. The Peler comes from the north in the morning and the Ora blows from the south in the afternoons. So you can head south in the morning and north in the afternoon, handy, hey? Grab your JP Freestyle Pro board and check this lake out. Cycling, kitesurfing, guided boat tours, trekking and so much more. Sirmione; known as the ‘pearl of the lake,’ is located on a peninsula on the south end of the lake. For over a hundred years it has been a mecca for people desiring ‘healing waters’.

A hot sulfurous spring warms the waters by Catallus Grotto creating a natural spa. A terrace lined with lounges makes this a very pleasant experience. The Grand Hotel Fasano sits between Maderno and Gardone on the west side of the lake on the site of a 19th century hunting lodge of the Austrian Imperial Family. It sits right on the lake surrounded by a lovely park with a wonderful outdoor pool to swim in or lay beside to obtain a lovely tan. This hotel has three types of divine rooms and four restaurants including one serving sushi.

How about a lake tour on a hydrofoil or old style steamboat or tool around in a vintage car from the hotels fleet? A fabulous Aveda Destination spa for a variety of beauty treatments using Aveda’s wonderful plant based skin care and sun protection products. Sun, fun and pampering, it doesn’t get any better than this.

-Miss Suntan


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