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Benefits of a Suntan


Astronomers tell us the Sun is a star while most people understand it is Earth's life source. The primary source of energy for all life, this energy created by the sun is harnessed in a variety of forms.
Photosynthesis is probably the most familiar to people. It is the method whereby plants capture the energy of the sun and convert it for the benefit of all life forms. Man harnesses this energy by consumption of plants or consumption of plant eating animals for the fueling of the systems that comprise his body. Plants and trees are burned to release this energy for heating and cooking. In the far distant past plants died and over a period of time broke down to form petroleum, natural gas and coal which have many uses in our present society. Fossil fuels are simply stored sunlight from the distant past.
Vitamin D production in the skin is the result of UVB rays. It is not recommended that the sun be the only source for your daily requirements since skin cancer is a real concern with overexposure. Accepted daily recommendations are 200 IU (international units) for everyone up to age 50. After age 50 the requirements increase to 1000 IU with 2000 IU being the maximum in a day for anyone. It is important that seniors be made aware of the increased need since the tendency is to spend less time in the sun as you age. Taking too much Vitamin D can be as dangerous as not enough. Other sources for Vitamin D without taking supplements are salmon, mackerel, sardine, eggs, fortified milk and cod liver oil. If you become concerned about your Vitamin D level have your doctor perform a blood test.
How often do you think of weather as a benefit of the sun? The energy provided by the sun causes the atmospheric circulation because of the uneven heating of the earth. This circulation then causes the wind and precipitation, both necessary in the life cycle of plant and animal life. Wind is considered one of those forms of energy production that researchers have focused on. For years they have also been working on harnessing solar energy for our use.

un Tea Solar thermal heat has been used in various ways for centuries. Man has built houses facing south to collect the heat passively and created photovoltaic or solar cells to change sunlight into electricity. John Herschel on expedition to Africa in the 1830's used a thermal collector box for cooking. And many remember the wonderful smell of clothes that are dried on a clothesline.


But let us not forget one of the tastiest benefits of the sun, sun tea. Being in the South, we definitely couldn't survive without our sweet tea, so thank goodness for the Sun!





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