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There are so many games and activities that are made for the beach! Games for active people and games for sedentary people abound. Which ones are for you?


Beach Horseback RidingFor the active folks:


  • Santa Monica, California is considered the birth place of beach volleyball played as early as the 1920’s. Volleyball courts were set up on the beach and families in teams of six played against each other. After the last Olympics everyone is probably familiar with the two person professional teams of today.
  • One of the nicest imports from Brazil is beach soccer which was introduced into this country in 1991 in Clearwater, Florida. There are now leagues in states anywhere you can find a beach, even Nevada!
  • Who hasn’t played a wet, wild, sandy game of football?
  • Joggers, walkers and cyclists find the beach a wonderful place to pursue their exercise of choice.
  • Surfers and horseback riders can also be found on specially designated beaches. Body surfing which needs no board, just a body! Or use a skim board where the water meets the shore.
  • How about throwing the Frisbee around or go fly a kite?


SunbathingNow for those on the sedentary side we have some oldies but goodies, some with a new twist.


  • There is the ever popular activity of sunbathing or just lazing on the beach. New are the UV umbrellas, cabanas and tents for your safe enjoyment of fun in the sun.
  • Like to play cards but hate wet cards? Well the newest thing is transparent, waterproof cards! Washable, easier to shuffle and they won’t get bent out of shape.
  • The ever popular UNO now comes in a version that is soooo made for the beach!
  • Chairs that are coolers with cup holders for the people watchers.
  • Sand toys are always fun for the kiddies and can be used in the shade of a UV umbrella
  • Ever built a sand castle or enjoyed being buried in cool damp sand up to your neck?


Well, these are just a few ideas, hope it has awakened your imagination so the beach can be a fun ‘sun safe’ place.


Before heading out, check out these additional beach resources:



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