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  • Children's eyes need to be protected in the sun with sunglasses.

Gearing Up for the Beach


What should I bring to the beach? Oh my gosh! So many ideas, needs and wants for the perfect day at the beach! Well, let’s just start with basic beach gear, shall we?


Sunscreen or sunblock should be something that is always packed and ready to go, anytime you go out in the sun. Swimsuits, sandals and towels would be next on the list. If it’s a party or a friends and family gathering and small children are involved, I would suggest a cart or wagon to tote all of your beach essentials. Always take a cooler of some size for drinks and snacks. I’ve always liked the idea of freezing fruit pops overnight and putting them in the cooler for a cooling snack. Everyone should stay hydrated when out in the sun, so make sure there are plenty of drinks, especially water. You might want to include some shelter; say, a beach umbrella, a tent or cabanas.

 Beach ChairNext, consider a beach chair. There are so many different kinds to choose from now. Chairs with canopies, tables, drink holders and foot stools make relaxing at the beach easy. A waterproof first aid kit should also be on your list and don’t forget to include the aloe.


Do you need to save space? Consider inflatable items. Merchants now carry inflatable lounges, boats, toys, balls and rafts that are perfect for beach activities. Instead of packing chairs, there are inflatable wedges! Note: you might want to pack an air pump. Look for the small ones that will fit into your totes. There are tents and canopies that can fold into small spaces in your packing.


Beach BBQNow for the extras….. If you are cooking a beach BBQ, a beach grill and maybe even a folding table will make it easier. How about a radio or iPod? Children will probably enjoy playing in the sand just at the edge of the water with the newest rage, a sand sculpture kit. Most though will be just as happy to have the 'ole' standbys of plastic shovels and pails to bury willing friends and family up to their necks. Not really that bad, it can be quite cooling. Body boards, wakeboards and kneeboards are fun beach activities for older children and adults. Rafts and floats of all sizes are available for one person or a group of people.


When you tire of the water & lounging, get out your metal detector and walk the beach!


Before heading out, check out these additional beach resources:

Now make plans, set a date, get packed and get out in the sun and have a blast at the beach!


-Ms Suntan

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