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  • Being exposed to sunlight is the natural way our bodies make Vitamin D, which has positive health effects, including possibly preventing some cancers.


Moose Run Golf Course, Fort Richardson is the most northernmost 36-hole course in the U.S. It is comprised of two courses, The Hill Course and The Creek Course. 


  • Total length of course: Creek: 7,324 yards Hill: 6,499
  • Par: Creek: 72 Hill: 72
  • Average fees: Based on rank, civilian, junior or senior with 10 play punch cards available
  • Opened: Creek: 2000 Hill: 1951
  • Designed By: Creek: Neil Haworth ASGCA/Robin Nelson ASGCA Hill: Corps of Engineers
  • Rated: Creek: 78.0  Hill: 70.0
  • General Manager: Gary Sanford
  • Golf Carts: Available not included in fee
  • Temperature: Summer High: 60’s Low: 40’s Winter High: 30’s Low: 20’s
  • Private or Public: Though this is on a military facility it is open to residents and guests in the surrounding community. This is a “soft spikes only” course.
  • Writer’s Note: Playing this course set between the Chugach Mountains is like being in a wildlife sanctuary. Summertime the sun may be up for 24 hours a day!
  • Where to stay:
    • Sheraton Anchorage
    • Marriott Anchorage


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