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Woodside Golf Course at Baywood Greens, Long Neck


  • Total length of course: 9-hole "Woodside" course
  • Average fees: $30 - $130
  • Opened: 1998
  • Designed By: Brian T. Ault
  • Rated: Not rated  
  • General Manager: Tunnell Companies, LP manages this facility     
  • Golf Carts: Yes
  • Climate: Highest average: 76 degrees  Lowest average: 33 degrees (average snow 21”)
  • Private or Public: Public
  • Writer’s Note: Take time to visit the Kalmar Nyckel, which is an authentic recreation of the historic vessel that brought the first settlers to this valley. I think you’ll agree with me that this golf course and all of Long Neck, Delaware is spectacularly beautiful. 
  • Where to stay: 
    • Brighton Suites;The Breakers Hotel & Suites


Bayside Resort Golf Club, Selbyville 


  • Total length of course: 18-hole "Bayside" course features 7,545 yards
  • Number of pars: 72 
  • Opened: 2005
  • Designed By: Jack Nicklaus/Richard Jacobson
  • Climate: Highest average: 83  degrees  Lowest average: 28
  • Private or Public: Private
  • Writer’s Note: This is a beautiful beach resort town known for its small town charm, activities and discoveries.
  • Where to stay: 
    • Princess Royale Oceanfront Hotel
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