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Golf Courses


Golf Courses of the Eastern United States


There are so many wonderful golf courses throughout the entire North America. These are just a few of the most popular and/or the best to play this year in the East. Please write us at info@suntan.com for your comments.


We would like to hear about your favorite course and why. Enjoy your golf courses and games in the beautiful sunshine and get your best suntan, but please remember to protect yourself with suntan lotions and wear your hats & sunglasses.


-Ms. Suntan





Golf Courses of the Western United States


It is our hope that golfers will find this helpful and that we may have found some courses that will cause you to say, “I need to play that one!” If you have a favorite you would like to share with others, then we would love to hear from you. Though not a golfer after looking at these courses I came to understand some of the draw of this game. The sun, the sand, the sea, the wildlife, the beauty of nature and the challenge of getting that little white ball to do what you expect of it.


-Miss Suntan


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