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Illinois state parks had their beginning in 1908 with over sixty parks and about sixty recreational and wildlife areas. Today there are all kinds of parks in the Illinois system from the power boating on large lakes to fancy lodges and canyons to small parks for daily occurrences. When you pack up the family for a couple of hours or all day or all weekend remember to have plenty of hats, blankets and/or lounge chairs, sunglasses like Maui Jims and suntan lotions for your perfect suntan like L’Oreal or Neutrogena.


Chain O’Lakes State Park is located in the northeastern part of the state with over 7,100 acres of water. It is approximately an hour’s drive from Chicago, Milwaukee or Rockford. The lakes were originally formed by glaciers that had moved across the state. The park has 15 lakes, 40 miles of Fox River and over 450 miles of shoreline. Visitors come here for a number of activities including swimming, jet skiing, water skiing, boating, fishing, hunting and birding. There are nine major lakes associated with Fox Chain of Lakes and are only about 10 deep called Grass, Bluff, Petite, Channel, Nippersink, Fox, Catherine, Pistakee and Marie.


The lakes are all connected by small waterways. Chain O’Lakes is the second largest inland water-oriented recreational place for popularity in all of the United States.


Illinois Beach State Park is a 4,160 acre park that is very beautiful and unique with natural resources for many to enjoy. The park contains marshes, forests of oak and many forms of animal life and vegetation. There are many different activities to do here including swimming, boating, hiking, fishing, camping, picnicking or just sunbathing to acquire that suntan. The park also has more than 650 plant species including dozens of types of wildflowers. The prickly pear cactus lives in large colonies in the dry areas and a variety of grasses and sedges are in the wet prairies. The marsh has cattail, blue-joint grass, prairie cord-grass, reed grass and more. The park’s sandy ridges are full of black oak and pine. North of the pines is the Dead River which is a stream blocked by sandbars until the river rises high enough and breaks through to drain in the surrounding marshes.


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