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  • Indoor tanning is relatively inexpensive.

The Sun's Affect on People


sun safetyAs we are all different as human beings, we are even more different from each age group and how the sun will affect us. We feel it is necessary to share this information so that at any age, our research will aid you and your loved ones in being safe out in the sun. As important as finding out what the weather will be outside, we have a UV index on our homepage to further guide you how to keep your family protected. It will enable you to know how much sun protection you will need to pack for a day at the beach, slopes, lake, mountain, or even just a short walk outside.


If you have any photos that you would like to send us of your favorite family members and friends having fun out in the sun, please visit http://www.suntan.com and click on the SEND US YOUR PHOTOS. Upload them and put in the title “People” and we will put your pictures up in this section of our Suntan site.


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