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Pool Furniture


Today everyone loves being outside in the sun especially during the swimming months. People who own a pool almost live in their yard around the pool. That’s why it’s important to find the right furniture to fit each specific individual and/or family. Shopping for the right outdoor pool furniture is a huge undertaking, but can be an adventure too. Ask yourself this question. Do I need furniture for the pool for entertaining, cover from the sun, just for the family, for swimming, for the scenery or relaxation only? Additionally, if you are planning a “conversation grouping”, there needs to be enough space for your guests to be able to walk around the center table. There are so many hundreds of new styles, fabrics and great colors today that one can have exactly what they want and afford. Most of the newer fabrics will not fade under the sun. There are some very durable plastic, fabulous wrought iron and extremely beautiful teak wood furnishings, just to name a few.


When I think of quality outdoor furniture that will fit my budget and yet furnishings that blend with my idea of outdoor décor, I head for a couple of my favorite on-line sites. One of these sites is called Hayneedle in Omaha, Nebraska and can be found on line. Some of these places even sell beautiful recycled plastic furniture. Hayneedle, Pottery Barn and Frontgate are among the many stores that sell wonderful furnishings for poolside, including accessories like planters, heaters, arbors, extra cushions, and lanterns. If there is an issue with space, there are stackable pool chairs that are for sale from plastic to real nice wrought iron. There are even half umbrellas for narrow patios that may be hung against the wall.


Outdoor rugs have been the big hit for several years now and they come in all colors, shapes and sizes. You will find most of these outdoor rugs to be very tolerant of the bright sunlight also. I have ordered from Home Decorators on-line several times and never had anything but great service. Normally they have sales and free shipping.


There is a somewhat new item on the market called the Ergo Lounger Spa, “The Ultimate Lounger”. It is designed to allow people to lie face down in comfort because of the opening. They are most popular I believe because it lets people read on their stomachs while tanning under the sun. These loungers are portable and are moved around quite easily. The negative that I have discovered through research is that a larger person with a big head will not be able to fit their face comfortable in the head area when on their stomachs especially. The loungers come in two different colors and different price ranges. I found the better prices at The Comfort Store and Amazon.


After all the furniture has been selected, perhaps a few accessories and/or smaller furnishings will be in order. For example: lighting and candles, door mats, throw pillows, a fire pit or fireplace, patio heater(s), fans, storage, furniture covers for colder months, grill and appliances, umbrellas, and any seasonal decor. I certainly hope this has helped with your decision making. Now go out and enjoy that great sunshine!


Writers Note: In the fall many of these types of items are usually on sale and some do not charge shipping, so now is the best time to buy. My recommended stores that were mentioned above can be found very easily on-line.


-Ms. Suntan


Find the best Beach Furniture too!

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