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  • Use eyewear when indoor tanning – towels or regular shades will not be protection enough.

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Birmingham, AL – June 23, 2009


Internet domain company, LZ Domains, LLC based in Birmingham, has announced a strategic partnership with Castello Cities Internet Network (CCIN) to develop Suntan.com into a worldwide ultra brand through creation of Suntan.com Partners LLC.


LZ Domains, a domain development company and the Castello Cities Internet Network (CCIN),  one of the world's leading developers of intuitive domain names, announced their partnership to develop Suntan.com into the ultimate source of information for everything under the sun.


"We are extremely excited about the July rollout of the Suntan.com brand and its robust website," said Toby Hardy, CEO of LZ Domains. "When we analyzed the potential market on the internet for everything from tanning and sun protection to outdoor activities and tropical vacations we realized that the perfect global umbrella brand was Suntan.com."


Suntan.com will emulate other sites developed by CCIN such as Whisky.com, Bullion.com and Daycare.com. "Since 1995 we have developed intuitive domain names into worldwide brands," said David J Castello, COO of CCIN.  "The synergistic relationship we have with LZ Domains made this partnership the logical choice to develop Suntan.com."


"Suntan.com is going to quickly replace other sponsors that have experienced significant challenges in today's market conditions. Whether it's surfing, beach volleyball or visiting your local tanning salon we'll promote and discuss it on Suntan.com. We have the all the four corners at the best intersection on the planet" concludes Hardy.


The launch of Suntan.com is scheduled for July, 2009.


About LZ Domains, LLC: Since 1998 the founders of LZ Domains have been involved in the acquisition of unique premium domain names such as FirstDown.com, DiscountDrugStore.com, GetMuddy.com, FrenchRiviera.com and FastCash911.com to name a few. LZ Domains has expanded into the online branding and full scale web-site development of top tier domain names by going vertical on their virtual properties.


LZ Domains.com


About Castello Cities Internet Network (CCIN): The CCIN advertising network boasts some of the most intuitive Internet brands in the world. From geodomains like Nashville.com, Palm Springs.com and Acapulco.com to global generics like Traveler.com, Bullion.com and Whisky.com, CCIN's proven track record as pioneers developing and marketing the intuitive domain space began in 1995. With qualitative, intuitive traffic and global reach in major verticals, CCIN's advertising network can reach audiences that traditional media cannot.




For more information, please contact:

Andrew Botzer, President
LZ Domains, LLC
905 Trinity Court
Birmingham, Alabama 35242
David J Castello, Chief Operating Officer
500 East Amado Road, Suite 512
Palm Springs, California 92262
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