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Running is when the runner places one’s body in a relaxed leaning forward position with most weight placed on the front part of the foot and moving fast as in a gait, jog or sprint. The chin should not be up nor should the shoulders be squeezed or hunched down. This position will allow body weight to be off the heel and makes it easier to the spring action of the foot. Stretching before the run is recommended in order to avoid running injuries. However, one study recently found insufficient evidence to support the claim that stretching beforehand would prevent injury or decrease soreness. Another study revealed that stretching the muscles as a warm up before a race will increase injuries and stretching after a race will decrease them. The American College of Sports Medicine advises all the stretching be done after exercise. The runners must also prepare their bodies for the weather. They must wear a very good suntan lotion that will endure all the sweating they will do during the race. Additionally, their sunglasses must be a good secure pair that will stay in place on their faces to protect their eyes from the bright sunshine. If you have any questions about what you should do to prevent any skin problems before you race, please visit our suntan.com site at Facts Prevention.

Endurance Running:

Cross Country Running is a sport in which runners compete on a course that is over open and uneven terrain that may be hills, woods, dirt, grass or mud. Usually these events take place in milder temperature areas. There are no two courses alike even though the length of the run could be the same. The starting lines are teeming with activity: lots of racers and some even have their own “bull pen” along the start line. In some competitions there might only be room at the line for one or two from each team, however. A gun or horn is sounded at the start of the race. The course will converge from the wide starting line to a much narrower course until the finish line. The course normally flows into a funnel or chute appearance towards the end of the race and is marked with flags so the runners will form a single file until crossing the finish line.

The Half Marathon is where the runner’s course is a road and customarily half the distance of a marathon at a little over 13 miles long. Half marathon racing is growing in popularity recently because of the demanding physical effort that is needed, and also that it does not require the same kind of training that the marathon does. Currently the name “half marathon” is taking a back seat to what it’s now being called, “pikermi”. The record for the males racing in the pikermi is still held by Mr. Warjiru of Kenya on March of 2007. Mr. Kiplagat of the Netherlands has held the world record since October of 2007.

The Ultramarathon is also referred to as ‘ultra distance’ and is a running sport that is for a specific distance (either 50 or 100 miles) during a specific time. Some of these races may include double marathons, multiday races (1,000 miles or even longer), and twenty-four hour races. These distance courses may be different in each race. There are some that are from one point to another point, with roads, trails or even cross-country navigation. The trails will have obstacles like elevation changes (mountain paths), rugged terrain (dirt or muddy roads) or even severe weather. There are usually stations along the way where runners can take a brief break to eat or drink something. The International Association of Ultra Runners (IAU) organizes World Championships for some races and these events are sanctioned by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) for field and track. From all over the world there are about 70,000 runners that compete each year. The Western States Endurance Run is the world’s oldest 100 miles trail run and is held every year in North America. There are several associations held in the United States, including the American Ultrarunning Association (AUA) beginning in 2006, which established the American Ultrarunning Hall of Fame. In 1958 the first New York Road Runners Club 30 Mile race was held.

The Sprint is a short “dash” of either 60, 100, 200, or 400-meters lengths. The 60-meters race is commonly run indoors on a straight track and runners must get off to quick starts to be able to win. The 100-meters race is a straight outdoor track. The world record holder of this race is considered the world’s fastest runner. The 100 and 200-meters races start on the curve of a standard track whereby the runners are staggered in a starting position. This way, all runners have the same distance to run. The 400-meters race is run on the inside lane for one lap around the track. Once again, the runners are started in the staggered position. When runners are in the Olympics for the Sprint Races, there are pre-assigned lanes and could be subject to disqualification if they run outside their lane. The first athlete whose body reaches the closest edge of the finish line is the winner.

Hurdles are sprint races that include obstacles along the way called hurdles. The standard sprint races are 100-meters for women and 110-meters for men. The long hurdle races are 400-meters for both men and women with over ten hurdles. It is extremely important that the hurdles racers not only use great speed, but they also need to use the proper method and well-planned steps that lead up to each hurdle. The runners adjust their hips to raise themselves over the hurdles and land on their lead leg about three feet from the hurdle, while the other leg pushes them forward to maintain speed.

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