• Daily Tips
  • Use eyewear when indoor tanning – towels or regular shades will not be protection enough.

Skiing / Snowboarding under the Sun


Whether you are snowboarding or skiing on a mountain slope or surfing or water skiing, on a lake/ocean, the sun is there. The reflection that you will get from the white powder or from the water will easily creep onto your skin. Plus in the winter, your skin becomes more and more dry. So it is very important to keep it moisturized. So it is equally important to protect your skin with suntan lotion. Please check out our Facts section to make sure that you protect yourself correctly with the proper SPF and hydration. Also make sure that you check out our yearly Craziest Skier Contest! Otherwise, have a great time!

It is our hope you enjoy the ski/ snowboard areas we have chosen to look at and we welcome your input on your favorites. Contact us at: Suntan Crew



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