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Mexico's Best Spring Break Destinations


Acapulco is a town and seaport in the Guerrero State of the southern part of Mexico on the Pacific Ocean in a setting of great natural beauty. The weather is tropical like Miami or Hawaii. Acapulco has been called the Riviera of Mexico and it has also made the top five lists of the best destinations for Spring Breakers who want to have that party that never ends. It’s all about luxury hotels, gambling casinos and excellent beaches that make it a 24-hour paradise.  There are state-of-the-art nightclubs that are some of the hottest anywhere south of the border and filled with people wanting to party until sunrise. There’s nothing like an open bar bonfire beach party like the ones at the Paradise Club or Disco Beach.  Acapulco has it all, from upscale clubs to karaoke bars. During the day sip on some chilled beverages at the pool or on the beach then as the sun sets, dress to impress and hit the nightclubs. As far as the eyes can see there are beautifully maintained postcard beaches in Acapulco. Whether you go here to unwind in a lounge chair to soak up the fabulous Pacific sunshine and get your perfect suntan, or get some great water time with a kayak, jet skiing or windsurfing board and fly across Acapulco Bay. The sailfish here is legendary, but fishing alone is the greatest. The snorkeling and scuba diving is some of the best anywhere. There is so much to do in Acapulco including horseback riding, shopping, touring and trying out some of the great restaurants. Check out boat excursions and activities like banana boats or the Shootover Jet or try your bravery out by cliff diving. An attraction since the 1940s, the Quebrada is for only the fearless divers who plunge 130 feet into a twelve foot deep cove.


Cabo San Lucas is located on the southernmost tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula where the climate is perfect and is famous for its up-scale party atmosphere and stunning beauty. Cabo boasts of over 350 days of sunshine and an average daytime temperature in the 80s. Relax on the golden beaches next to the deep blue water and enjoy a refreshing tropical drink or go for a horseback ride, get in some fishing, go snorkeling or scuba dive. When the sun sets the parties begin whether it’s at one of the fashionable lounges or at one of the outdoor cantinas in your sandals. Cabo is the place where celebrities enjoy coming, so keep your eyes peeled for Sammy Hagar at Cabo Wabo (the most famous club) or Enrique Iglesias dancing the cages at Zoo Bar & Dance. The Cabo Wabo’s main room is dark with a raised stage and high ceiling and the bar is very long and busy. The dance floor is a good size and there is a VIP lounge upstairs. Cabo has a great mix of clubs including piano bars, jazz clubs, international venues, sports bars and Latin dance clubs. Many of the clubs and bars in Cabo are within a ten-block radius.  During the daytime there are many different tours of interest such as the Canopy Zipline tour, Desert Safari, dinner cruises, hiking tours, sunset cruise, parasailing, sailing and whale watching just to name a few.


Cancun is another Spring Break paradise. Not only has it become one of the top places to getaway for young adults, but there are so many other activities that one can enjoy there. From the tropical coral reefs, to swimming with dolphins, to bullfighting, to horseback riding… you will definitely not be worried about not having anything to do. And the nightlife has recently outdone itself of becoming a huge authority by inviting DJs from all over the world. Coco Bongo, has been rated as one of the top nightclubs, definitely great for all single spring breakers. Others include Daddy-O’s and La Boom.


Some great hotels and resorts there are the Hyatt Regency Cancun, Casa Magna Marriott Cancun Resort, Hotel Hyatt Cancun Caribe, and many more. Prices vary depending on what kind of hotel or resort that you want to stay at. The great thing about the bigger hotels and resorts is that they have coffee shops, restaurants, and nightclubs and lounges right inside, so you won’t have to go too far from your room to party.


So grab your best friends, a lot of sunscreen and book your travel now, because Cancun sounds awesome!


Mazatlan, Mexico is located on the Pacific West Coast and has a wonderful blend of beautiful weather, great sandy beaches and an outrageous nightlife. This top-notch resort town, nicknamed “Pearl of the Pacific” offers full-service resort life. Mazatlan is a fresh and exotic destination with great seafood and Mexican culture. Spring Breakers party from sunset to sunrise in fun indoor-outdoor clubs like Valentino’s, Joe’s, El Caracoal, Mundo Bananas, Coliseum, Senor Frogs and Lone Tree to name a few. Surfing is great here with waves rolling in from 150 yards out. There is also boogie boarding, boat tours, mountain biking, sightseeing, zip lines, dune buggies, snorkeling, sunset cruises, fishing trips, sailing, horseback riding and whale watching and much more. With a Spring Break City Pass you can get seven nights of free cover and open bar at Golden Zone bars and clubs. At Oceano Palace there are daily pool parties and contests. Walk through Old Mazatlan and explore the many national historic landmarks. Eat local specialties in the Plaza Mechado or visit Stone Island and ride in banana boats or rest in a hammock. Grab your towel and sunscreen and head for the beach and soak up the fabulous warm sunshine with an exotic cool drink next to you.


Puerto Vallarta is located on Mexico’s largest natural bay with a narrow coastline between lush palm covered mountains and twenty-six miles of beautiful beaches with sparkling blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. The city has old town flair but offers the luxuries of a modern city. There are all kinds of night entertainment from world-class clubs to open air patios and the action does not stop. There are elegant restaurants, world class nightlife, cruises, shopping and art galleries, but to the north and south are beautiful beaches at the bottom of the tropical mountain. One of the most popular night spots for Spring Breakers is The Zoo. As the name suggests, the Zoo can get wild with cages on the dance floor and an animal theme throughout. The DJs play on high energy with the hottest new music until 6:00 in the morning. How about a Mardi Gras party at Hilo, the city’s wildest Foam Party at Collage, hottest dress-to-impress NYE Ball at Christine Club or poppin’ bottles while you party like a rockstar at Mandala. The city offers spring breakers a little of everything from beach-bash contests and DJ entertainment to one of many famed excursions like the Outdoor Adventure, Swim with the Dolphins or the Canopy Tour. Go for a ride on an ATV or rent a jet ski for a few hours of great fun. Perhaps a fishing trip with a local fishing boat for the “big catch”, or zip line through the treetops on a canopy tour. There’s always that wonderful beach to relax on to get that perfect tan with the palm trees waving in the distance and a tropical drink in your hand.


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