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SWIMMING continued


Woman SwimmingPeople go swimming mainly for recreation and relaxation, but also to enjoy a full-body workout. There are a number of different ways to swim, but the most common are the doggy paddle, breaststroke, front crawl, and side stroke. However the out-of-water swimming called freestyle or butterfly gives rise to better use of the difference in force between air and water, thus giving a better workout. The butterfly stroke is also the most used when swimming in rough water. Vicki Keith, who set a record crossing the waters of Lake Ontario, used the butterfly stroke.


Swimming is also used in some occupations. It is used for trained lifeguards at pools and beaches to rescue other swimmers who are in the water in distress situations. Additionally, the Coast Guard members are required to complete basic swimming or water survival training and some are also trained in special techniques such as surf lifesaving. Marine biologists swim into waters to observe plants and animals in their natural environment. Navy Seals are trained to swim to a location, gather special data, perhaps sabotage or combat, and leave the area post haste. Swimming is also a professional sport used in competitions for money. Have you ever watched professional swimmers performing water ballets?


Underwater swimmingEven though there is little risk to impact of one’s joints, there are risks to swimming. Inhaling too much water into the lungs causes drowning. This can be caused by other swimmers, exhaustion, heart attacks or stroke. There is also something called secondary drowning that is from inhaling salt water into the lungs which constrains breathing. Thermal shock after jumping into the cold water can cause the heart to stop. A lot of frequent water going into the ear canal can cause swimmer’s ear. Too much chlorine can be the cause of hair problems, namely, stripping dark-haired people of the color and turn it light, turning blonde hair to green and turning it to frizz. Infections from bacteria, parasites, fungi and viruses can happen if the water quality is not good. Then the swimmer can also hurt themselves getting run over or getting into a boat, stepping on something sharp in the water, or even colliding with another swimmer.


There are all kinds of swimmer’s aids on the market now, not only for people who cannot swim, but also for babies and young children, older people and handicapped people.


If there’s anything you want or need and cannot find, let us know (info@suntan.com) and we’ll do our best to make it available!


Now get out there in the sun, go swimming & have a ball!


-Ms Suntan

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