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Tennis originated in the United Kingdom in the late nineteenth century, but was first known as lawn tennis. The English upper-class played the game before it actually began being played around the world. Today tennis has become an Olympic sport and played by people of all ages and all levels of society. Practically anyone who is able to hold a tennis racket can play tennis. It is usually played by two players, called a “singles”; or between two teams of two players, called “doubles”. The players use a racquet, which is a handled paddle made of carbon graphite, ceramics, or titanium with a roundish frame that holds tightly pulled synthetic strings to hit a rubber ball. The tennis ball itself is covered with felt and hollow inside. The rules of the sport have changed very little since the late 1800s. One small significant change would be the “point challenge system” whereby a player is allowed to challenge an umpire’s call of a point. The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), which was formed in 1972, was organized for male tennis players. The organization for women professionals is the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA).

Tennis is an extremely popular recreational sport. Besides just grabbing one’s racquet and best friend to hit the courts for a regular game, there are other variations to keep it entertaining: triples, monkey in the middle, deep desperation, wipe out, and around the world are just a few of these games. Another one is “tag team singles” where at least four players are needed to play. The players divide up into two teams and each team line up behind the middle of the baseline. A player can start the point and once the player has hit the ball, they go to the end of their line. Then the next player in line will hit their team’s next shot. The same happens for the other team. The point continues until one team makes a mistake and the first team to ten points is the winner.

Tennis is also a worldwide spectator sport, with millions of fans attending tournaments every year. The most popular among fans are the Grand Slam tournaments (“Majors”), which are the Australian Open, Wimbledon, the US Open and the French Open. Remember to wear sunscreen, UV-protective clothing and keep hydrated if lucky enough to attend one of these events!

Tennis players use their own different strategies that will exploit his opponent’s weaknesses in order to gain the advantage and win points. Players generally fit into one of three types: baseliners, volleyers and all-court players. A baseliner plays from the back of the tennis court around the baseline. A volleyer tries to approach the net and hit volleys, thus putting pressure on his opponent. The all-court tennis players fall somewhere in between the other two.

Players almost always play tennis outdoors and usually when the sun is the hottest and brightest. They need very good protection from the sun for their skin while they play. The sun is probably the strongest at the Australian Open and for about an hour and a half the sun is directly in the server’s eyes. Today there are many choices for “tennis outfits” with very good UV protection. Be sure to visit our “clothing for the sun” section under “more links” located on the left side of our main page or go directly to the section at Suntan Clothing. The Tennis Company is one of the companies that sells UV protected clothes, sunglasses and hats. 

Suntan.com featured quite of few outstanding resorts recently. Here are a couple of them that would be outstanding to play tennis at. The Sea Island Tennis Club in Georgia says they are “an unrivaled Southeast getaway destination for tennis lovers. There are sixteen Har-Tru® courts and eight of them are lighted. Professional instructors provide a full-service program of year-round instruction which can be customized for skill level, clinics, round robins, and partner matching. The pro shops are filled with hi-tech equipment, accessories and active wear. Check them out on our web site at Resorts in Georgia. Another choice might be the Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita which is located 26 miles from Puerto Vallarta on 26 acres of immaculate, unspoiled white sand beaches. Their accommodations include 173 guest rooms which include the 32 suites that are styled in tile roofed Mexican Casitas. The tennis center has ten courts, locker and full pro shop with a tennis program. Visit our list of Mexican Resorts.

Do you like to play tennis? Want to tell us about your favorite player? Is there a favorite court that you like to play at that is under the sun? We would love to hear all of your stories, so please write to us: Suntan Crew.

-Ms. Suntan

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