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Understanding Indoor Sun Safety: Skin Cancer Experts Suggest Considering Indoor Sun Safety           

The body's largest working organ is the skin, and it is vital to protect your skin at all times to keep your body in its healthiest condition. Although it is common to be concerned about skin protection and care when you are outdoors for the day or outside exposed to the sun for extended periods of time, it is also important to consider sun safety when you are indoors, as well.


When you are indoors you are much more protected from the sun than when you are directly exposed to it outside. However, you can also still be exposed to UV rays inside. The Skin Cancer Foundation reports that some of these harmful UV rays can impact our bodies from the windows and glass doors that people have in their homes.


The Skin Cancer Foundations recommends that homeowners should install a type of window film that helps blocks additional UV rays. This can add another layer of skin and sun protection to help people even when they are inside in the comforts of their own home. Homeowners can find this window film in tinted colors to fit with any look that they currently have in place in the home. Window film can also help to cut down on the overall energy costs in your home. When you install window film throughout your home, it can reduce the glare you often find with sunlight while allowing visible light to come through at a rate of 30 to 80 percent.

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