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  • Wear a hat during "prime sun time" (PST).

Water: An Essential Part of Sun Tanning


In order to survive in the sun we must have water. In order to exist, we need water-- period. Whether we are out under the sun getting a beautiful suntan or we are venturing to an indoor tanning salon, we need to keep hydrated.


Just this year of 2009, there has even been an amazing find on the moon, water! This is just so remarkable because just maybe we may be able to live on other planets one day. We might even be closer to meeting other beings out in space, who knows? Well, until then, let’s stay grounded on our planet and talk about the importance of water and what it means within our world of sun tanning.


In fact, we believe in water so much that we felt we would give you two different impressions from our fabulous writers at Suntan.com. Do you have something on tanning and water that you would like to add? Please write us at info@suntan.com or join us in our suntan forums. Happy Sun Tanning & Keep Hydrated!!!


-Suntanglobal/Suntan Gal


Water by CASuntan

Water by MissSuntan

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