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Water Toys for Lake or Pool

Lakes and pools, with calmer waters than the ocean, are perfect for some really interesting toys. Some do require a boat but most do not. Just get out there and have fun!

Aquatic Workout – Believe it or not some people consider a workout fun so Speedo has made something for them. Aqua Fitness Barbells are lightweight at 1.5 lbs. but through water resistance they can add a new dimension to your workout.

Diving Toys – The variety of diving toys are seemingly never ending from familiar superheroes to everyday objects such as large bracelets or necklaces. Compete with friends to see how many you can retrieve. Some of the diving toys are numbered making it possible to have a competition to see who can get the most points. You also have submersible hoops to swim through and around. Create a course and see who can make it through in the best time.

Floating Refreshments – Don’t want to get out of the pool or lake? Enjoy snacks and drinks on individual refreshment trays or elaborate inflatable bars. Tooooo decadent.

Goggles – The chlorine or pool chemicals that irritate eyes are best held at bay by goggles. Speedo Goggles provide UV eye protection with shatter proof, fog proof polycarbonate lens set in a soft hypoallergenic silicon seal. If you really want to see what is swimming with you, they work well in lakes also.

Inflatable Toys – The Tangle 8400 Pool Sphere is 60” of water fun! Or check out the Aviva CosmicSlide or Sea Spray for poolside or use on a pier or deck at the lake. How about inflatable seesaws for the pool or lake? Or a floating tent for the kids? What will they think of next?!?

Inflatable lounges and rafts - Don’t forget the smallest member of the family with a Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy so you can all enjoy the pool. The size and variety for adults is staggering, as simple as an Aqua Cell South Beach Sling Chair to a 4 seat fun raft with backrest and drink holders. Try out the Riviera Wet/Dry Raft with cup holder, accessory tray and headrest. Protection from the sun or not, relaxing in the pool is a breeze. Or try out a huge inflatable trampoline if you wish to be more active !

Inflatable Boats and Towables – How about the ease and convenience of an inflatable boat for those calm lakes or pool? Sevylor makes inflatable boats to fit from one to six people that you can paddle or add the SBM 12 volt tolling motor by Sevylor. Want a real rush? Get behind a boat on a tube, single chair, double chair, triple chair or even 4+ towable. Wow, what a way to go!

Pool games – Compete at archery, volleyball, Spring Jam basketball, water polo, and golf. How about a floating target using bean bags or balls? Don’t miss or you have to go diving. And would you believe? A floating blackjack table with waterproof cards!

Remote control boats – The variety is astounding from sailboats like the Dickie Spelzeug Radio Controlled Sailboat to cigarette boats, from battleships to tug boats and even an airplane with pontoons. Hey, don’t forget the submarines!

Sea-Doo Seascooter Dolphin – This item is great for fun in the pool or lake. Scoot along at 2mph behind this compact lightweight handheld scooter. Safety features include a protective grille, dual trigger, auto shut off and positive buoyancy. Safe and fun for adults and kids both.

Water guns and squirters – The variety is huge!  Being able to spray each other with water is a wonderful cooling way to have fun. They even come mounted on inflatable rafts and boats in a variety of styles like the Wham-O Battle Boogie that draws water from the pool or lake. No refilling! It is suggested that goggles be worn when playing with these toys.

Water skis– Water skis have been around since 1922 and come in many styles for many uses. In addition to your everyday pair of skis, there is the hydrofoil air chair, slalom skis, trick skis, wakeboards and kneeboards. Hydrofoil air chair, hmmmm.

Guess what, some of your favorite board games come in waterproof form to play during rest periods. The waterproof cards come in mighty handy too. Wonder if they’ll come up with waterproof books anytime soon? Be sure to check our Suntan online store for many of the fun items mentioned above.


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